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Two options for silo building are generally available to the silo supplier. Buying in one of our dedicated erections crews will prove to be a fast and efficient build against the use of local labour, who may not have the product knowledge and equipment available for a speedy build. Pridamach can also offer supervision only for those who wish to use a preferred local engineering or construction company for the supply of labour. Our experienced supervisors can coordinate parts, site facilities, build programme and build team to make the silo erection as smooth as possible. Working all over the world, including Russia and Africa, they offer years of experience in dealing with local build teams. Equipment transfer is crucial to the smooth running of the build programme. Our dedicated driver is responsible for the movement and on time delivery of all lifting equipment to site, wherever it might be in Europe. Either using specialist trailers hooked up to 4×4 vehicles or our own fully equipped vans, we ensure parts are in place ready for the arrival of our erection teams. Unique hydraulic jacking system which can be liked together capable of lifting 200 tons..
2 sets of 8 ton Jacks (12 in a set)
2 sets of 10 to Jacks (15 in a set)


Silo Montage von uns mal im Zeitraffer

Posted by Farwick Maschinen - Mühlenbau GmbH on Tuesday, August 18, 2015